Month: July 2012


31 July 2012 0

While I’m banging on about communication, might as well tell you about my most recent Werewolf experience. Werewolf is a game for between 10 and 30 people (thereabouts – don’t quote me). It’s not at all physical. It’s played sitting in a circle, either on the floor or in chairs. It helps if all the…

By Viv McWaters

Passion is not enough

31 July 2012 1

We hear a lot about doing what you’re passionate about. Good advice. Certainly beats doings something you hate. Finding your passion is one thing – and not always as easy as it seems – and sharing your passion with others is quite another. I’ve come to realise that passion is not enough. It’s not okay…

By Viv McWaters

Communication for mentors

31 July 2012 2

I’ve been asked to design and deliver a short session on communication skills (2 hours) as part of a longer training for a group of mentors. It’s much harder to design a short session than it is to design one or two days, or even a whole week’s worth. Too many choices. Too many decisions.…

By Viv McWaters

Habits and disruption

30 July 2012 0

Recently I facilitated a couple of workshop with visiting academic Professor Bas Verplanken. He specialises in habits. Here’s a few things I gleaned. When looking to unearth habits it’s sometimes worth searching for the habit in the behaviour. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not.¬†We often associate a habit with behaviour, yet a habit may also be…

By Viv McWaters


22 July 2012 1

What an exhausting and exhilarating couple of weeks it’s been. Improvention in Canberra with lots of really talented improv folk, then hosting AIN Downunder: Thriving In Uncertainty Conference. More on that later. And now I’m at Mt Hotham for a week’s skiing. I love skiing. I love being in the mountains. Today was a glorious…

By Viv McWaters

Tom Salinsky’s improv wisdom

2 July 2012 1

I’m at Improvention in Canberra – a festival of improvisers from all over Australasia, and a smattering from elsewhere. There’s shows, and competitions, and workshops, and serious discussions, and partying, and lots of coffee and other beverages. I feel like an imposter. There, glad I got that off my chest. And that’s all I’m going…

By Viv McWaters