Better meetings

April 29th, 2013

Better MeetingsThis is such an exciting collaboration – and most of it has happened while I’ve been sleeping!

Regular readers will know that I’m pretty keen on bringing meetings to life, and that Johnnie and I have published a¬†book. We also offer face-to-face workshops to share our ideas and approaches (the next one is in London on July 15th). Now we’re also offering an on-line course in collaboration with James Allen of Creative Huddle.

There’s full details here, including information about a nice little discount.

What’s that? You’re wondering about that sleeping reference. This is one of the characteristics of global collaborations. Johnnie and James are in the UK. I’m in Australia. So while I’ve been blissfully asleep, Johnnie and James have been working away during their day making the introductory video.

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