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Friday’s Random thoughts

15 June 2007 0

Today I had lunch with Brian Bainbridge (of open Space fame) and Mick Walsh – also an open space buddy. We talked about the misnomer of ‘best practice’ – that as soon as something is branded ‘best practice’ it isn’t anymore. We thought ‘current practice’ was a better description. On the train travelling to Melbourne…

By Viv McWaters

Yak Shaving

11 June 2007 0

I know – it’s a bit out of date – but I’ve been partaking of a spot of yak shaving lately as I explore others’ blogs. A link here takes me there and another link somewhere else and before you know it I’ve wandered well away from my original task. But in the meantime I’ve…

By Viv McWaters

Conversation #1

8 June 2007 0

Me: I’ve started a blog. Him: What’s a blog? Me: It’s a web log – blog – get it? *Pause* Him: You mean on the internet? Me: Yes Him: Why? Me: Because I like reading blogs – I want to contribute too – I want somewhere to archive my scatty ideas – I want a…

By Viv McWaters

Having something to say

5 June 2007 0

While I get used to having a blog I’m reminded of someone saying somewhere (can’t remember where I saw it) that the internet tends to amplify our character traits – those of us who are introverted become more so, and those of us who are more social do that. What does being introverted/social mean on…

By Viv McWaters

What’s with the pics?

3 June 2007 0

They are pics from my garden – all Aussie natives. When the rest of my web site is built there will be more pics. The design was done by Rena who is having a break from graphic design work because of the arrival of her first child Charlize (I’d post a pic if I could…

By Viv McWaters

Hello big wide world

2 June 2007 2

As a long-time reader of blogs I have only just started my own – and a cheery hello to you if you are reading this. I’m sitting here with my left foot on the desk learning how to navigate this new blog created at the eleventh hour by my friend Melissa before heading off for…

By Viv McWaters