London reflections

October 3rd, 2010

With a bit of time to myself, I went for a walk along the canal and sat for a while to just watch the world go by. I wrote a series of Haiku’s – each one stands alone, and together they provide a snapshot of my own frame of mind and some of the experiences I’m having.

Water. Rushing. Loud.
Walkers, cyclist, dogs compete
and the sun peeks through.

Fish leap. A white swan
glides by. The leaves are turning.
Autumn in London.

A yellow boat rests.
A pink loch waits for the next
under the grey skies.

Old bricks. Old buildings.
Shiny new glass, chrome and wood.

Time rushes. Slows. Stops.
As I falter and wonder…
What’s next? Where to now?

The wind caresses
It clears my head, chills my ears.
Where did that thought go?

Bikes. One, two, three. A
dog on a lead, a jogger.
iPods aplenty.

The sun brings light, warmth.
And shadows. The darkness is
always beside me.

Writing haiku now
Beside a loch in London
Plenty to say, think.

The sun is hiding.
The air is cool. Water keeps
flowing onwards to…?

Blue, yellow, red, pink
The colours all around me.
Flashing by – some still.

Orange, white, green, brown.
More pass. Some slow, some faster…
As I sit and watch.

A ladybird lands, crawls
on my knee. A duck paddles
by. And now both gone.

There is something to
say about just sitting – and
noticing the world.

Random haiku

September 27th, 2009

It’s a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon – a final blast of winter before spring sets in properly – so what better reason for some random haiku?

Old Dog (this one’s for the good folk at CommonCraft, who lost Amos this week)

Dog’s breath, grey muzzle
That look, that tail wag, ever
happy to love us

Real Footy (that’s Australian Rules Football)

Footy season done!
Cats rule. Saints gutted. Draft picks
to come. Tiges one day?

Cats = Geelong Football Club; Saints = St Kilda Football Club; Tiges = Richmond Football Club

Airports (this is where I’ll be spending a lot of time between now and the end of the year)

Humans on the move
Waiting, queuing, filling time
Coming and going

A haiku moment

August 6th, 2009

When in doubt what to post AND when short of time AND when I‘ve made a commitment to myself to post something every day in August AND I can’t let myself off the hook just because I made two posts yesterday, haiku is a good option, inspired by these kangaroos grazing in the late afternoon sun with a spectacular view of the ocean behind them.

Kangaroos grazing overlooking Bass Straight in the winter light

Noticing, and just

being. We can learn much, and

enjoy the sun too.

Indonesian Cat Haiku

June 7th, 2009

I like this photo. I snapped it through the glass while working in Lembang, Indonesia. This cat would visit the roof often. I wondered what it thought of the strange humans inside?


I wonder about

its life – This cat on the roof.

Escaping from… what?