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More on facilitator language

12 July 2007 0

I’ve just returned from New Zealand where I did some work with Anne Pattillo and her team. We revisited our paper on facilitator language and summarised the findings as follows: Language is a window on facilitator behaviour and effectiveness. Evidence suggests that polite, effective facilitators use communication skills to reduce the force of negative behaviours.…

By Viv McWaters

The Juggling Metaphor

27 June 2007 1

Everybody knows about the juggling metaphor – well, I think they do anyway – you know, keeping all the balls in the air, juggling work-life balance etc. And I think there are other uses for juggling in exploring organisational concepts. As a keen juggler I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a spot of juggling…

By Viv McWaters

Nothing focuses the mind like a deadline

7 June 2007 1

Last night I received a request for our fledgling improv group Script Bare to do a repeat performance at the Anglesea One Act Play Festival (we perform while the judges are making their decisions about winners/awards etc). It’s a bit scary because it’s on a real stage with a real audience, AND it’s exciting too.…

By Viv McWaters