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The heart of connection

17 February 2009 3

I’ve just listened to a podcast with Johnnie Moore, Mark Earls and Rob Poynton about the benefits of not planning. This is what attracted me to the podcast initially, and while this is where it began, it’s where their discussion ended that excited me. Their conversation covered the dynamics of influence and control, how improv…

By Viv McWaters

Learn new stuff

3 January 2009 3

Over there at 37 Days, Patti Digh has announced her Learn 50 @ 50. Her intention is to learn 50 new things as a lead-in to celebrating her 50th birthday. I’m, ahem, a few years past 50 (still doesn’t seem believable really, as I’m sure I still think, and some would say, act, like a…

By Viv McWaters