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November 13th, 2011







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Or if you’d like to write to me my address is PO Box 665, Torquay 3228 Australia

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  1. Alvaro Andoin on May 13, 2012 4:26 am

    Hi Viv,

    The Uncertaintity Conference program looks terrific. I saw it on Twitter Pity I live so far away (Bilbao, Spain).

    My name is Álvaro Andoin and I run Filmatu ( a communication service to do digital storytelling of events on social media. I also use improv in my work because I interview a lot of people on events and it helps me to stay calm, let it go, you know…

    I have helped to form and improv group here in Bilbao after having read about improv “classics” (Johnston and some more modern authors) and having the chance to meet both Gary Hirsch and Robert Poynton, the founders of On Your Feet (you might know them). Actually Robert is mentoring me with my business and I also help him a little bit with his digital projection.

    I am considering doing some improv facilitation myself (some client has asked me since I always say how much improv has helped me 🙂 and I wanted to ask you if you could recommend any facilitation book or applied improv book (I know, it´s just a book) that could help me to “kickstart”, to do it I mean (i have also asked Robert yes 🙂

    Also, if you know of any other good learning applied improv course in Europe (besides Johnstone´s in Calgary, I was planning to go there and finally ended in Portland last january).

    Well, really appreciate if you could help me with those 2 things.

    Hope the event is a success and don´t hesitate to write me to if you ever come to Spain. Will follow your steps on twitter.

    Warm regards from Bilbao, Basque, Spain.
    Álvaro Andoin

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