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August 23, 2009

Cosy Corner, Torquay

Here’s a photo that I took today. It’s unremarkable, really. And as I continue on my photographic journey I hope I will eventually have some remarkable photos to post. But back to this one. It represents a learning journey, because it’s one of the first photos I’ve taken on my gorgeous new Canon Powershot G10 camera using completely manual settings.

It’s SO easy to use a camera on automatic mode. Point and shoot. But I’ve found it’s made me lazy. I don’t think so much about the photo. I don’t consider the light and the composition. I don’t care enough.

So, I turned off the automatic function and re-learned ISO settings, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field. I’m often frustrated when taking photos because I know what I want to acheive but am unsure how to do it.

As someone who makes a living out of training others, it’s a useful reminder to be the learner – to struggle with concepts, to try and fail, to feel the frustration, and the delight when I move a little closer to what I want to achieve. Today was another step on the journey.

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