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November 18, 2007

The AIN (improv) conference in Banff was a source of many ideas and connections. Here’s just a few.

• Ecoductions – introducing yourself using place as the focus; a way to avoid the trap of defining yourself based on what you do and to revisit the way the environment shapes who we are.

• The Medici Effect – intersectional innovation: bringing together diverse perspectives to the centre. This is one of the ways the Banff Centre helps people discover their leadership potential. Practically, it means bringing art to the centre – sculpting clay, singing, movement, improv, being in the environment – as ways to discover personal truths about leadership.

• From ‘de-storyation’ to ‘re-storyation’: “Just as clear cutting of forests leads to deforrestation, our culture has also been devastated by the loss of storytelling.” (Richard Stone). Story seems to have lost some credibility over the years. Re-storyation is about rediscovering the power of story in our personal and professional lives.

• Alistair McIntyre: “I can’t answer the question what am I to do till I answer the prior question of what am I a part.” via Nick Nissley, Executive Director, Banff Centre.

• Strategic ambiguity – allows space for…anything really.

• Notice your first thought and act on your second. (Patti Digh & David Robinson) In other words, be pro-active rather than re-active. Slow down.

• Also from Patti & David: Wicked problems and tame solutions… When wicked problems are unearthed, deal with them, rather than impose a tame solution. Tame solutions provide immediate gratification but don’t effectively deal with the wicked problem which will re-emerge.

• Do one less thing – thanks to Johnnie Moore for again reminding me how powerful this can be.

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