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April 11, 2008

Yesterday I facilitated a workshop with some people from a rural community to explore their future in light of the changes that are occurring around them. I’d heard a cool quote on television the night before that I used:

“Knowledge is knowing you’re on a one-way street; wisdom is looking both ways anyway.”

It seemed appropriate, and set the scene for some ‘knowledge transfer’ via presentations and time for conversation. Making sense of a complex, changing world isn’t going to happen in one workshop. Facilitating in this situation is so much about getting out of the way – allowing time and space for people to explore what interests them. Of course, Open Space is ideal for this.

The crunch comes when it’s time to decide what to do next. I wonder if this is necessary at all. We’ve been programmed to have beginnings, middles and ends. What’s wrong with something that continues? Conversation, collaboration and space. Three elements of community that are increasingly being squeezed by the pace of modern living.

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