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October 12, 2012

I now have a tried and true formula for solving problems.

I’ve tested it many times and it ALWAYS works. Most recently was yesterday. I was struggling with some work and finding a way to breakthrough. I was planted in front of my computer and I was frustrated and grumpy. Talking about it (complaining if the truth be told) didn’t seem to help.

This morning a whole lot of options have occurred to me. I feel happier and enthusiastic, and itching to get on with it (just as soon as i finish this post!)

The formula? It’s not new and it’s not very clever. But it works. Every time. It requires patience. And it requires trust in yourself.

The formula is activity followed by sleep. In this case the activity was playing games – not head games, physical games that required movement and concentration, sound and laughter, focus and attention. Then sleep. It’s a form of letting go.

My subconscious then got on with the job and did all the work.


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