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February 6, 2023

It’s been a while. My long-neglected website has had a makeover. Apologies to anyone who came looking for my blog, or resources or anything else and either found a Filipino betting site (yep, my domain was nicked) or some holding pattern. Slowly, slowly it’s now all sorted and I have a place to share my writing and ideas – which was the main drive behind getting my website going again.

I have plenty of other websites describing our Creative Facilitation work:

The Naked Facilitator – our long-running online facilitation course

Meetings to Life – our even longer-running in-person creative Facilitation training

Creative Facilitation – our main website

So many websites! But this one is primarily for blogging – it’s my way of keeping track of my ideas, sharing experiences. I may re-arrange things as I get back into the habit, but for now, I’m back, and re-acquainting myself with WP behind-the-scenes. Wish me luck!

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