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November 24, 2008

Here’s my top 10 things (that’s a technical term) that have made my life easier as a self-employed facilitator working from home:

Enables an easy (and a cheap) way to talk with people anywhere in the world, from anywhere I happen to be. Great for conference calls too.

Fantastic high-quality and inexpensive photos to download for any purpose – great search facility and huge range to choose from.

Wireless at home
Now I can work anywhere, including outside, and still be connected.

Google Docs
Makes collaborating on documents and slideshows easier

Twinings green tea with peppermint
Refreshing, tasty, low caffeine (so I can drink lots of it).

A place to share and see (some great) slideshows.

TED talks
Entertaining, inspirational, informative – and access to people I may never hear speak in any other forum.

My dog. Gets me out of the house. Never talks back. Never criticises. Always pleased to see me.

Google images
For a pic of just about any one or any thing.

The off button
…on my phone, computer, iPod, television – so as I can enjoy the place where I live, and the people and creatures I’m fortunate to share it with.


And here’s five tools I would never leave home without

Coloured Post-It notes (various sizes)
Useful for just about every low-tech process I know, and for engaging people in conversation, focusing attention, for open space agenda setting – way too many uses to list here!

Visual Explorer cards (playing card size)
The two decks of playing card-sized VE cards are easy to carry anywhere (including overseas) – and to use on the spur of the moment.

Smiggle fat pens
Bold colours, can be used for thick or thin lines – great for those times when I have to use a flip chart (although it’s just about impossibe to hold more than one at a time)

Tibetan temple bells
Nice sound, gentle or loud, best way I know to gain people’s attention, especially in a large, rowdy crowd.

MacBook Air
My window to the world – light, robust and does everything I need it to do, including blogging.

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