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April 14, 2009

Over there at 37 Days Patti Digh is at it again, challenging herself, and us, to discover, well, stuff about ourselves. 

And, of course, this is not where the challenge started. It started with a challenge to do a small thing, for ourselves, for 37 days. Doesn’t sound so hard does it? I chose not to do this challenge at all. Which of course tells me a lot about myself should I care to notice.

Noticing is at the heart of this challenge. Patti puts it like this:

Instead, this is all about what we do at the edge when we falter–that’s the pattern we are seeking, that’s what will tell us something important about ourselves.

From a facilitation perspective this is a really useful thing to know about ourselves. OK, it’s probably really useful to know in just about any circumstance, but this blog IS supposed to be about all things facilitation, so, back to your facilitation practice…

Patti has some useful questions to consider:

What is your pattern?

What keeps you out of intention?

What makes you give up on your promises to yourself?

What do you do when you perceive that you have “failed”?

That’s the juice.

That’s the knowing.

That’s the pattern.

That’s what underlies the doing.

Great stuff! Thanks Patti for reminding us of this.

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