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August 7, 2012

Since developing an interest in game theory, or as it is sometimes called, gamification (horrible, horrible word hence I try to avoid it) I’ve found myself reading some blog posts and articles and having no idea what they’re talking about.

I’m a novice. I don’t know the language of games, or much about the theory, or the application. Damn it, I’m even a novice at the games themselves. Yet I’m gradually building my understanding, bit by bit. There’s no big ah-ha! moments, just an accumulation of bits of knowledge and understanding that eventually come together into something coherent.

I’m guessing people new to facilitation, or leading groups, or standing in front of their peers at a meeting, or designing an event, or asking the community what they think about something, flounder around looking for ideas and tips, and leaning heavily on what’s gone on before.

And there’s the rub. We reinforce existing patterns and habits by doing more of the same, because we have no idea that there might be alternatives. Game changing seems to be the new buzz word (interestingly seems to have nothing to do with gamification) – means much the same as disrupting.

I’m all for game changing, disrupting, breaking patterns. The question, is, how to make that easy for the novice, for someone new to organisational dynamics and all the shenanigans that go on in meetings and events?

Let’s see where this line of inquiry takes me.

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