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December 9, 2013

Better Meetings - Creative Huddle-2As I write this, it’s Monday morning in my part of the world. Have a look at your diary for this week. How many meetings are scheduled? Are they all necessary? Are you looking forward to them? Will they be worthwhile? Do your meetings look somewhat like this picture?

Maybe you can cancel just one meeting and take part in our on-line course for Better Meetings. There’s lots of good ideas that you can use straight away, and other ideas you might want to keep up your sleeve. No matter what you do, any small modification can result in better meetings.

Click here for the on-line course

If you use the promo code earlybird20 you’ll get a 20% discount just for reading about it here 🙂

Your hosts are Johnnie Moore and Viv McWaters with James Allen behind the camera and providing the creative genius to bring this on-line course to life. We cover expectations and invitations, setting up the room, challenging hierarchy, sharing information, movement, playfulness and reflection, and how to end a meeting. And lots of handy tips.

Better Meetings - Creative Huddle-1If you’ve read our free on-line Creative Facilitation book you’ll find lots of similar ideas. We’ve tried to make the on-line course complementary, so you can read about our ideas, see us talk about them and hopefully be inspired to go and try something. Maybe your meetings can look a bit more like this?


We really do believe that amazing things can happen when people meet.

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