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November 8, 2010

I’m sensing it’s time for a leap. I started this blog in June 2007  and have made nearly 600 posts public. To keep me  focused and motivated, I’m going to start posting more regularly. These posts will also contribute to a couple of other top-secret projects that I have on the go.

Each Monday I’m going to post a tip or idea for anyone who works with groups or teams. It will be called Beyond the Pale*

Each Wednesday I’m going to post something lateral, not specifically about groups, teams, organisations, or facilitation – exploring issues in an indirect or creative way. This will be called Above and Beyond.

And each Friday I’ll post something quirky, fun or off-beat. Beyond Belief.

And of course, normal posting will continue. I hope you’ll take the leap with me.

*The area that is enclosed and safe

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