Technology Explained

June 13, 2007

I love using technology but rarely have any idea how or why it works – and the complexity gets too much for me sometimes. I’ve just gone wireless at home and am loving it! This video on Wiki’s in Plain English is simply brilliant – a great way of using technology to explain technology. I’m […]

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Yak Shaving

June 11, 2007

I know – it’s a bit out of date – but I’ve been partaking of a spot of yak shaving lately as I explore others’ blogs. A link here takes me there and another link somewhere else and before you know it I’ve wandered well away from my original task. But in the meantime I’ve […]

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Conversation #1

June 8, 2007

Me: I’ve started a blog. Him: What’s a blog? Me: It’s a web log – blog – get it? *Pause* Him: You mean on the internet? Me: Yes Him: Why? Me: Because I like reading blogs – I want to contribute too – I want somewhere to archive my scatty ideas – I want a […]

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Phatic communications

OMG! I haven’t heard this term since I did communications theory at Uni and here it is. Good point though – about human interactions being about relationships, and not just networks.

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What makes a good facilitator? – Part 1

I was just reading a birding mag and it struck me that the skills required to be a good birdwatcher – patience, knowing where to look, knowing what distinguising features to look for, having an idea of the terrain and likely birds you’ll encounter, having a good field guide to check your observations, and travelling […]

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Nothing focuses the mind like a deadline

June 7, 2007

Last night I received a request for our fledgling improv group Script Bare to do a repeat performance at the Anglesea One Act Play Festival (we perform while the judges are making their decisions about winners/awards etc). It’s a bit scary because it’s on a real stage with a real audience, AND it’s exciting too. […]

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