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January 20, 2016

VivCrouchingIt’s a whole new year, and a great opportunity to come to one of my Creative Facilitation workshops – still at 2015 prices. 

Where? Parkville, Melbourne.

When? February 25 and 26

How much? $440 per person for two days (if you book 3 or more people) or $700 for a single registration

How many people? Maximum of 18

Beyond the traditional ‘facilitator’ role – What does leading a meeting mean in today’s workplaces? How to avoid the mistakes that traditional education teaches us about how people share, learn and interact.

Participatory approaches – Ways of sharing information, gathering ideas, and making decisions that helps a group connect and engage with the content. How to create an environment of open-ness and trust, and getting people to work together.

Beyond words – How to get beyond wordy, and worthy, sometimes meaningless, words to unearth what’s really going on – using photos, action and story.

Bravo! You as a performer – While the group, and the processes you use, are important, what about you? How do you deal with challenges, stage fright, a crisis of confidence? The second day of this workshop focuses on YOU and gives you tips and tools to manage yourself, especially when things go wrong.

More information? Click on this link

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