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April 10, 2009

I’m catching up. Here’s a few gems I’ve found.

Shawn Callahan from Anecdote has re-created his explanation of the Cynefin Framework.

Andrew Rixon has done a nice job of describing the ‘two stories’ that we often dance between.

Is God a workaholic? asks Harrison Owen. Great writing. Great thinking.

Johnnie Moore writes about ‘commitment ceremonies’, that rutual at the end of workshops usually called ‘action planning’. Here’s some of what Johnnie says: “…in the real world, these action planning sessions often feel pretty deadly and inauthentic. What you can end up with is pseudo-agreements that mean boxes get ticked for productivity, but it’s not very convincing. On the upside, it can be quite polite and conflicts may, sometimes, be avoided – for now.”

I do a lot of conference calls, and prefer to use skype when possible. Seth Godin suggests that live chat makes conference calls bearable, maybe even productive, and suggests another useful chat tool.

Michael Wesch talks about the smart pen. Wow! It records what you are hearing as you write. Will note-taking ever be the same?

This is a great video about fonts. Love it!

Ewan McIntosh on political action via twitter by teens. Democracy at work?

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