It’s true – mistakes are more fun

September 24, 2013

As I enter my last week in England for this extended trip, we finally found a convergence of people, time, weather and willingness to go punting on the River Cam. There was an element of relief – how could I spend a summer in Cambridge and not go punting? And an element of anxiety – […]

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Let the games begin

September 17, 2012

The Olympics are over for another four years. But it’s not those sort of games I’m referring to. Not sporty, competitive games. Nor video games. And no, not board games either. These games are for fun. They are active, playful, not too energetic (though they can be), not too competitive (though they can be that […]

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Joy and delight

December 9, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to have more of whatever it is that’s making the people in this pic react this way? You bet. The cause of all this joy and delight is bubbles. The sort of bubbles that you blew as a child, and that you thought you’d outgrown. Seems none of us outgrow the pleasure […]

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It’s the Citizens versus the Werewolves!

November 18, 2010

Here the village where the citizens and werewolves live. Of course, the werewolves are disguised as citizens during the day. It’s only at night when they transform and go on a killing spree. This is how Andrew Rixon describes his introduction to the game of werewolf. It was at the 2008 Applied Improv Network conference […]

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Friday bonus

November 12, 2010

I couldn’t resist this – I want this dog to come and live at my place!

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A cute little owl goes hunting

Beyond Belief Just for fun! Hat tip to Alex Kjerulf. Best comment on YouTube: “I think the owl is trying to catch the red time bar at the bottom of the screen.”

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The joy of play

October 6, 2010

Tonight I played gamey-type-games-things with Dan from The Fun Fed, and five other blokes. Just proves you don’t need many mates to have a great night of game playing. We were in an amazing space at the Old Finsbury Town Hall in London. I’m really sorry I didn’t take my camera. Didn’t even have my […]

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Believing it’s possible at Bells

May 17, 2010

My friend Chris Corrigan introduced me to rock balancing, so it was only appropriate on a recent visit to Bells Beach (when the surf was pumping BTW) that Chris took the opportunity to do some rock balancing on my home turf. I hope to do the same on his home turf, Bowen Island, some time. […]

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Beyond Open Space

November 22, 2009

At the end of each and every Applied Improv Conference is an Open Space Day (we’re still working on the whole conference being in Open Space, but that’s another story). I’ve had great fun the last two years opening space, and this year enjoyed Chris Corrigan taking on the opening – providing a new voice […]

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Riding a dead horse

September 13, 2009

Hat tip to Dave Pollard This is one of my favourite sayings in workshops (for some reason I seem to find people riding dead horses quite often!) so I was pleased to read this: The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed down from generation to generation, says that when you discover that you are […]

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