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October 20, 2013

Commit YourselfOne of the cards that we use in workshops says COMMIT YOURSELF. It’s a call to take a stance, to step in, to stand for something. It’s the opposite of hedging your bets.

For too long now I’ve been hedging my bets with my work – espousing the edgy nature of games and improvisation, and, to be fair, I have been incorporating both into my work. Yet not quite committing. Holding back just a bit. As any improviser knows, reluctance may afford some level of safety, and it also leads to missing opportunities. Missing the moment to step in and contribute to or even change the scene.

With the benefit of a four-month break, I’ve noticed how excited I get at the potential of games and of exploring the relationship between games, improvisations, applied improv, decision-making and leadership. It’s time I stepped boldly into this space.

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