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February 27, 2008

I really like these two comments by Johnnie Moore.

A great willingness to try stuff – group together with interesting-sounding people around the idea of a challenging-and-fun project. Minimum writing of rules. If it’s fun and works, do more. If it ain’t, form a different group.


Still, I have a feeling that some form of love is what really holds together most of the collaboration in the world. Not the mission statements, goals, agendas, action points and other ephemera of management and consultancy.

How true. If only we could be in organisations how we like to be with our friends. I’ve seen so much time wasted in senseless meetings, being ‘seen’ to be doing the right, or expected, thing – towing the political line. I wonder what’s really stopping us from engaging more with the people who give us life, rather than drain it away? Johnnie’s first quote relates to an insight from his gaming (now what would be the best word to use here? obsession? addiction? hmmm….not sure I know JM well enough to presume that so I’ll go with the safer option of…) interest in WoW (for the uninitiated, including me – that’s World of Warcraft). Insight comes from many unexpected places – along as we’re open to seeing it.

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