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June 3, 2007

Lenny Diamond, Tim Karpoff of GFSC and Geoff McFarlane and I have just finished delivering three Disaster & Crisis Intervention workshops for facilitators. It was quite a journey – working with people I haven’t worked with before delivering a course I’ve only ever participated in. It was fun and we innovated all along.

None of us felt comfortable with powerpoint – we used it on the first day nonetheless. By day two the machine sat there unused. By the second course the machine remained unopened, and by the third it didn’t even make it to the venue. We used ‘virtual’ powerpoint – cards – to create the model we were exploring. This provided us with a lot more flexibility. This experience has reinforced my previously-held view that powerpoint presentations mostly are a barrier, rather than an aid, to communication. While an avid user of all things electronic (especially my iPod and my Mac) I’m going to continue facilitating the low-tech way.

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