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May 10, 2011

Sometimes the planets really do align (and btw, they actually are at the moment) and so I find myself in Cape Town with a free evening and there’s an IMPROV SHOW on not far from the hotel where I’m staying. And eight other people, some of whom had never seen an improv show before, are up for a night of Theatresports. Yay!

As well as being great fun, with  a lot of laughs it was good to see improv principles being wholeheartedly embodied: making and accepting clear, bold offers; strong commitment; making your partner look good; making mistakes; and letting go. It provided a really clear contrast to some of the behaviours I sometimes see in workshops. Two things stood out – the physicality and the emotional content – again something that’s often missing in workshops. My challenge is to continual explore how to bring both of these elements into workshops. Especially those that are supposedly ‘too serious’ for playful exploration.

And I was reminded of the power of improv (as if I needed reminding!!!!)

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