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May 14, 2008

Way too long since I wrote anything here. Interesting that my last post was about facilitator energy. Since then I’ve been lurching from workshop to workshop – as well as travelling a lot – so maintaining my energy has been important. It’s become clear what works for me – not eating or drinking too much, getting out in the open air and away from people, staying connected with those who matter. And while I have little energy left for blogging – although no shortage of things I’d like to say – twitter is far more manageable, and helps to keep me grounded, recognising that others have lives which are just as hectic, if not more, than mine.

A couple of weeks ago Anne Pattillo and I launched our new facilitation training program – Facilitating With Confidence. Now that it’s off and running we’re really excited by it. After many false starts we reckon we’ve finally created a model that might help people facilitate more effectively. We both recognised the alarm bells after two-day training programs when participants would contact us and ask when we were available to facilitate a workshop for them. An OK marketing tool I suppose, but not really what we intended. While less people might sign up for a 12-week course that includes 6 days face-to-face and lots of on-line stuff, it feels to us like it has more integrity and that it will help people facilitate with confidence. And apart from anything else, it’s fun to create something to share with others, great to work together AND doing something we love.

Talking about love, I did enjoy the latest Hugh and the Rabbi (+ Euan and Johnnie) podcast about love in organisations. I do love the way these podcasts range all over the place and then come together – bit like (lot like!) real conversations. Connection came through as important, as did intimacy – the little things we do for each other that matter. And not trying too hard. Reminds me of Rule 2 Anne and I kept referring to in our training:

Rule # 2 – Don’t work so hard

Can’t remember rule 1 or 3 cos Rule # 2 is the most important – for a facilitator. This is about remembering, and acknowledging, that the workshop is not about us – it’s about them, the participants. They have the knowledge, the wisdom, they know what needs to be done – we’re there to help them, not do it for them. So remember: Don’t work so hard!

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