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September 10, 2008

I’ve been enjoying Hugh MacLeod’s series about Living on the Edges (naturally!) and particularly like this bit:

“Living on the Edges” for its own sake is a complete waste of time. “Mommy! Mommy! Look at Me! I’m living on the Edges! Can I have a cookie?” What’s more interesting, of course, is the idea of “Constant Renewal”, “Constant Re-invention”. Edges are a good place to go out and find it. You either have an appetite for it, or you don’t. You either have a talent for it, or you don’t. Life is unfair.

I’d add that it’s not anything you can really plan for either – you need to be present and aware enough to notice opportunities, and willing to take that step ‘beyond the edge’ (smile).  And have faith that if you take a step too far, you can always retreat. Nothing wrong with that. Noticing can be hard to do when you’re busy.

Sir Ken Robinson suggests one way to re-open your eyes and other senses to what’s going on (I’m paraphrasing) is to change our ‘habits and habitats’. Try a different routine. Re-arrange things. Going away, and coming back, always does it for me. 












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