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March 19, 2008

I’m excited! Without doing anything much except being open to possibilities, all sorts of new things are happening.

Here’s some of the things I’m excited about.

1. Geoff and I are about to launch a podcast blog called Winkipod. This is just the BEST NAME EVER – and the reasons why will be revealed when we go live. This is great fun because we’re learning a new skill and have lots of people lined up to create podcasts with. Who would you like to hear in a podcast?

2. Anne and I have started a new business venture called Facilitating with Confidence. We’re offering this in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for starters. It will include face-to-face training and on-line support.

3. Dave Pollard is visiting. OMG – right here! This will be my first ever blog get-together. I just LOVE being alive right now and the opportunities for collaboration and meeting new people that emerge. What a wonderful opportunity for a rich conversation. I am SO fortunate!

4. I’m going to Cambodia. WooHoo – this has always been a dream of mine and I knew that it would one day come true. I’m working with World Vision helping them design and facilitate a regional forum on disaster preparedness, building resilient communities and the impacts of climate change. And if you don’t believe that the universe listens when you ask, read this post by Patti Digh. I am inspired and challenged by Patti’s amazing writing.

5. I’m on the programming team for the second year in a row for the Applied Improv Conference. This year it will be in Chicago (my very favourite US city). The Improv conferences have inspired and challenged me and introduced me to a whole new world of ideas and people. Some have become good friends.

6. I’m going to this year’s Worldwide Open Space on Open Space in San Francisco where I can hang out with some of the most amazing people in the world – great thinkers, fun people who I’m happy to spend time with and inspiring to boot.

7. I’m taking part in a 2.5 day conversation with others passionate about the role of creativity. Colin Funk and Brian Woodward from the Banff Leadership Lab will be taking part in Conversations that Create in Sydney in May.

8. The Easter break is action packed here at Bells Beach. The Rip Curl Pro is underway with surfers from around the world descending on Torquay. There’s a great buzz around town. It’s also a time to catch up with friends and family – eat food, drink wine and just be.

And I hope I can repay all these amazing people in my life in some small way.

What are you excited about?

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