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August 18, 2011

Anyone visiting recently will probably know that I’m exploring the edges of work – offering a series of short workshops to explore how we might move beyond the rigidity of existing systems and processes to open up workplace creativity, innovation and agility – especially when the currency of much of today’s work is ideas.

So I’m delighted to announce a full-day workshop with Johnnie Moore as part of this year’s Story Conference; Widening the World of Work in Melbourne. Here’s a little about what to expect:

Workplace approaches that were once just fine are now struggling in the face of complexity, unpredictability and demands for creativity, innovation and agility. Change happens at the edge: we see it in systems and in our own lives. At the edge, we are away from the routine and familiar: it’s exciting but scary territory, but it’s where new patterns and routines can emerge. How can we support people in staying in the space at least long enough for useful change?
We’ll share ideas for navigating edge territory, overcoming habitual patterns that give us a kind of safety but prevent us from making real change. We look at three tyrannies that keep us away from the edge: the tryanny of excellence,
the tyranny of effort and the tyranny of the explicit.
And we’ll share a series of activities we’ve found powerful in getting organisations out of stuck places, rigid arguments and unquestioned rituals and into territory where it’s possible for new work to emerge.

If you’d like to register go here (and if you register before 31 August, you’ll get that cool early-bird rate)

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