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February 18, 2014

Back by popular demand is Creative Facilitation: Bring Your Meetings To Life, a one-day workshop on Tuesday, April 29th, full of processes and tips on how to get people involved and keep them engaged. If you’re frustrated with standard meeting procedure, come along and find simple ways to enliven meetings and workshops.

And – drum roll please – a brand new, never before offered, workshop: Creative Facilitation: It’s Not About You! It’s All About You!, another one-day workshop on Wednesday April 30th. It’s all very well to have lots of processes to use with groups, but what about you? How do you deal with challenges, stage fright, a crisis of confidence? This is a paradox of facilitation – you are there to serve the group but who’s looking after you? In this training we’ll explore some of the ways to keep your cool when in front of a group, how to calm your nerves, and what to do when you don’t know what to do.

I’m offering these workshops back-to-back so as you can choose either of them or both of them (with a great discount for booking both). There’s more information on the content and pricing here and here. Hope you can join me.

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