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June 15, 2007

Today I had lunch with Brian Bainbridge (of open Space fame) and Mick Walsh – also an open space buddy. We talked about the misnomer of ‘best practice’ – that as soon as something is branded ‘best practice’ it isn’t anymore. We thought ‘current practice’ was a better description.

On the train travelling to Melbourne I listened to the TED podcast of Seth Godin’s talk on sliced bread.His premise was about being remarkable to be successful – to get ideas out to those people who would do the spreading for you rather than spending a squillion dollars on questionable advertising. I liked his term ‘remarkable’ – it doesn’t mean anything other than being remarked upon – getting people talking. Bit like a few blogs I know really.

So a pretty ‘remarkable’ website I was pointed to yesterday in the midst of a robust discussion about the uses and abuses of ppt is Garr Reynolds’ blog on issues related to professional presentation design.

Oh, yes – and because it’s Friday I had to visit reasonsyouwillhateme for a dose of 30-something social commentry, briliant writing and good old left-wing politics.

And finally, in the 5 May issue of New Scientist there’s an interesting article on Making up your mind: ten steps to better decisions –
1. Don’t fear the consequences
2. Go with your gut insticts
3. Consider your emotions
4. Play the devil’s advocate
5. Keep your eye on the ball
6. Don’t cry over spilt milk
7. Look at it another way
8. Beware of social pressure
9. Limit your options
10. Have someone else choose

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