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August 28, 2008

I’ve been on holidays – still am for a few more days, although I’m at home now, enjoying the fantastic environment in which I live and trying to ignore the phone, unopened mail and all the work I ‘should’ be doing. And trying to get over jet lag. 

Yesterday, it was a great pleasure to host a lunch with fellow bloggers, Johnnie Moore and Geoff Brown. Geoff noted that my dining table has hosted Dave Pollard, Anne Pattillo and now Johnnie. I wonder who will be next? While we take these opportunities to record a podcast for our podcast website WinkiPod, it’s the company, conversation, sharing food and wine, and friendship that is so nourishing.

While showing Johnnie the inspiration for WinkiPod – the Winkipop surf break next to the more famous Bells Beach – we recorded a podcast, took some photos, and recorded a video. I was reminded yet again of the simple pleasure of touch – of being able to reach out and literally touch another human being. As Chris Corrigan said when we were together in San Francisco as WOSonOS, keeping in touch electronically is one thing, being together in the same space is another altogether. Another example of yes, and… 

Johnnie mentioned his facilitation practice of ‘getting out of people’s way’ – something Geoff and I also try and do: on my part, sometimes successfully, sometimes not! And it occurred to me that a holiday is about getting out of your own way – about a circuit breaker for those habits that keep us stuck. Here’s a picture of my circuit breaker: sundowners at Zungulila Bush Camp on the Kapamba River in Zambia.

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