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May 4, 2009

Monument ValleyIt seems to me we’re in the midst of something big. I’m not sure what to call it. All I know is that the possibilities seem to be growing daily, maybe tracking the iPhone apps in trajectory. There’s a tendency to want to bunker down. Let it all pass by. Just as unrealistic is the need to want to keep up. It’s not possible. Too much is happening at once.

So here’s my personal checklist of what’s needed to survive and thrive in these interesting times:

Curiousity: Keeping an open mind about all that’s going on around us, and beyond. Exploring new ways of doing stuff, new ideas and approaches.

Connectedness: Staying in touch, personally and electronically, with people who matter, and (directly) with nature.

Generosity: Sharing and giving. Tends to come back. Good karma.

Linking: Looking for unusual connections and making links to create something different or new.

Patience: Giving myself and others time and space for whatever might evolve.

Time Out: Just being. Not doing anything at all.

So, how well am I doing? OK at the first four – not so well with patience and time out. A work in progress!

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