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November 6, 2008

Continuing my recent theme about conversations, this is a nice piece from page 9 of 15 “Information Interaction Design: A Unified Theory of Design by Nathan Shedroff. 

Think about what experiences are. How do you create them? How do you know when 
they are successful? What are the most satisfying experiences you can remember? 
Unfortunately, few people are ever taught how to create wonderful experiences for 
others. I believe that one of the nicest experiences you can have is to enjoy a stimu- 
lating conversation with another person over great meal. I would rather do this than 
watch television, read a book, or use any interactive product I have ever seen. But 
how do you set up and maintain such an experience? We are taught history, science, 
mathematics, language, and many valuable processes, but hardly anything about 
having a great conversation, though this is one of the most satisfying things you can 
enjoy. Why? 



Here’s what works for me – a stunning location and a meal with someone you love.

Hat tip – Brenda Moon
















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