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August 20, 2013

Sometimes I fantasize about having a real job – you know, an easily-understood job, other people around doing similar stuff, a regular income…and then I wake up. I did that for 20+ years. It was mostly good, sometimes horrible, I learnt some things, and made some friends along the way, and there’s no going back. I’m still learning, still making friends, still have good and bad days. The main difference now is that I have to go get the work. Part of getting the work is doing the work; part of doing the work is sharing the work; part of sharing the work is getting enough people together in the same place at the same time to do something worthwhile together: play, explore, learn, have fun, share a common interest.

If you share an interest in facilitation you might want to come to one, or both, of these workshops.

Creative Facilitation eBookCreative Facilitation (especially if you’re curious about how creative facilitation differs from other forms of facilitation) on October 23rd in Melbourne. Details here. If you still don’t have your free copy of our Creative Facilitation eBook, go get it now. It’s available from here.

Open Space Technology (especially if you’re curious about how I had to unlearn all I knew about facilitation and want to know about ‘unconferencing’) come play with Andrew Rixon and me on October 30th in Melbourne. Details here.

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