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September 7, 2007

So – here I am in Armenia – a mere 42 hours travelling from my own little bit of paradise overlooking the southern ocean to a land-locked country on the other side of the planet – and feeling somewhat fuzzy-headed. Some would say (probably quite rightly!) – “why on earth are you writing in your blog when jet lagged?” Good question.

I’m waiting for the sun to set so as I can take a photo of Mt Ararat from my hotel room.OK, OK – I’ll get to the point. Travelling puts us in our place – just one little piece of humanity going about our business with all the others.

Just getting here took me via Dubai and Vienna – and with long delays and seemingly endless queuing I had plenty of time to people watch. Here’s some random observations and musings:

1. Being able to sleep horizontally is a much taken-for-granted pleasure.

2. I’m not the only one who loses the ability to read signs (real ones) when jet-lagged or stressed. While queuing (yet again) to go through security at the boarding gate a woman came crashing through saying she was late for her flight – ran straight through with alarms going off everywhere. Her flight had been moved to another gate.

3. Luggage checked in at Melbourne and waiting to be collected in Yerevan after two connecting flights (on different airlines) and 30 odd hours is a minor miracle.

4. You’re not more important than anyone else.

5. Having a spare seat next to you in economy is nearly as good as flying business. Nearly. (It’s a lot cheaper)

6. I feel hugely inadequate being able to speak just one language – I feel hugely privileged to have had the opportunity to become literate in at least one language.

7. Good coffee is taken for granted.

8. People can be divided into two types – those that queue and those that don’t.

9. I’d post a pic if I could work out how!!!!

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