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December 23, 2009

Here’s some gems that have inspired me recently.

A great slideshow about storytelling by Joyce Hosten called Influence through Storytelling. Particularly good if storytelling doesn’t come naturally.

Seth Godin writes about the fear of bad ideas. In essence, to have good ideas you need to have LOTS of ideas, some of which will be bad.

Les Posen tackles one of my favourite topics: more evidence that those in the sciences are tiring of boring presentations

Ever wondered about an insider’s view of humanitarian aid? Read this series of articles from Tales from the Hood which debunks some of the myths, and will get you thinking for sure.

Hugh MacLeod continues to capture the essence in his cartoons. I like this one.

Earl Mardle explores if we still have the time to be creative.

And wise words by Chris Corrigan on Cop15 and the potential of open space.

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