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March 24, 2014

It doesn’t take much to do things differently. It doesn’t take much to influence others. And it doesn’t take much to break out of entrenched habits.

It just takes a nudge.

Forget advice. Forget complicated instructions and planning. Just nudge, yourself, or others, to try something a little different.

Here’s a few for you to try to bring your next meeting to life.

Turn off the data projector. You know your stuff. Talk with the audience, instead of at them.

Having a small group discussion and it’s not going anywhere? Are you sitting down? Stand up. Are you already standing? Walk around.

You’re stuck in a plenary vortex. Ask people to talk in pairs, then fours, then in groups of eight. Encourage people to talk with each other.

Use all parts of the room. Do one activity from the ‘front’ of the room, the next from the ‘back’ of the room or another corner.

What nudges have you tried?


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