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May 19, 2009

So often the ‘plan’ takes on a life of its own, seemingly more important than the people who will implement it. This is summed up perfectly in this example from Bill Seyle at 17 Word Street.

“…the marketing director started a session by sharing the stage with an easel that held a copy of the marketing plan. The marketing director didn’t say anything for a few minutes. He just stared at the marketing plan as if expecting it to talk. Finally he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, there stands the marketing plan. It hasn’t made a single sale.” He then began a rousing pitch for a committed effort from every sales rep. From time to time, he would stop and wait for the marketing plan on the easel to do something, then shrug and put the onus back on the reps. You could see the futility of depending on the plan to carry the day. You could feel the individual responsibility to launch the product successfully.”

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