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May 31, 2011

There’s lots of up-sides to travelling and working in different countries. Not the least,  I love it! The major down-side seems to be losing touch with locals. So I’m looking forward to these local events and would love to say hello to you at any of them.

Gathering ’11 – To build better futures: Melbourne 11 – 13 June

This sounds like fun and I can’t wait. Our intention is to provide a space and experience that supports the emergence of socially innovative and transformative ideas, and is a platform for their development in to implementable projects and enterprises.

I’m looking forward to lots of conversations and connecting.

Victorian Facilitators’ Network Meeting: Melbourne 20 June, 5.30 – 8.00 pm Kent Hotel, 370 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton.

We all know that ‘trust’ is an essential element of any good relationship. So how do we build trust and rapport as facilitators? What supports a good working relationship with a group? Come and hear some wisdom from our very special guests including Viv McWaters (Beyond the Edge: “I’m interested in improvisation, disruption and not playing by the rules.”), Rhonda Tranks (Illumina Consulting: “My approach is to shed light on new possibilities and pathways, drawing people towards their own realizations.”) and Ed McKinley (Groupwork Institute: “I’m a great believer in creating safe environments in which people can express diverse points of view on their way to identifying a unified sense of purpose.”) We are in for a wild and exciting ride! Trust us – it will be fun!” Facilitated by Michelle Howard.

Ah, Michelle, so brave agreeing to facilitate facilitators! I’ll try and not be too disruptive (with fingers crossed behind my back!)

Story Conference – Creative Methods: Widening the World of Work, Melbourne October 5 – 7

My friend Andrew Rixon is organising his third Story Conference. I missed the last two so I am really excited to be going this year and to be offering a pre-con workshop with my other good mate, Johnnie Moore. I’d go to this conference just to hang out with these two. You could come and hang out with a whole lot of other cool people as well, and share and learn stuff about stories. Awesome.

Johnnie and I are offering a pre-conference workshop Friction and Fiction: Creating space for deeper conversations

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