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January 2, 2012

It’s hot. That’s not a metaphor. It’s really, really hot. Too hot for the beach. It’s also the day after New Year’s Day. It’s my friend Vera’s birthday. She says it’s the worst day of the year to have a birthday. Everyone wants a rest from celebrating, and tomorrow, for many, it’s back to work.

As I write this the north wind is blowing hard. It’s a hot wind. It’s a nasty wind. It carries bush flies from the north to the coast. It’s the wind that fuels fires. On days like these we scan the horizon for smoke, sniff the air suspiciously, check on-line to see if there’s any fires to worry about. It’s not a restful time.

On the crowded beaches, the sand blows on days like these. And beach umbrellas are a hazard. Little hot box shelters that people now bring to the beach are set up to provide some shade, but no relief from the heat. The only relief from the heat is in the water. And the water is cold. It’s the Southern Ocean after all. Some people inch their way into the water, bit by bit. I like to dive straight in, to feel the shock of the cold water on my hot skin, to feel the relief, to taste the salt on my lips.

Not today though. It’s too hot for the beach.

I’m excited about the first three months of 2012. After that I’m not sure what will happen. Nothing, or something. I’m hosting a conference in July. I’m helping friends with other events later in the year. I’d like to find a way to live overseas for a year or more. I like to notice what energises me and do more of that (hint – it’s mostly things that are unconventional). I want to be with people who are creative, have ideas, are a little bit (or a whole lot) weird, a bit vulnerable and are doing things I wish I’d thought of.

I see no reason to change my mantra from the last few months that has served me well:

Show Up. Be Present. Jump In.

There. That’s my New Year post done. We will now resume normal operations.

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