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January 10, 2008

I’m clearing out my office – have even re-arranged the furniture which was a bit like one of those games where you have to move each piece only one step to eventually make the picture. I’ve found some old notes from when I did my Masters which have made interesting reading.

Professor Richard Bawden was a great influence on me and my thinking. His advice to me once was “just muse” – and this is what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.Musing is reflecting on the whole with no action focus. That’s hard in this ‘doing’ world where just ‘being’ or ‘becoming’ is viewed with some suspicion. Musing is a great thing to do. It includes being still (physically and mentally), disengaging, meditating, imagining and accessing your subconscious. It takes practice to stop doing and to just ‘be’.

So if you are interested in joining me in some musing, here’s a few tips:
* allocate time to muse
* be deliberate cf haphazard
* observe yourself on how you muse naturally
* explore different ways of knowing
* trust your subconscious/intuition/creative knowing

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