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January 3, 2009

Over there at 37 Days, Patti Digh has announced her Learn 50 @ 50. Her intention is to learn 50 new things as a lead-in to celebrating her 50th birthday. I’m, ahem, a few years past 50 (still doesn’t seem believable really, as I’m sure I still think, and some would say, act, like a 32 year old!) And what I really love about this idea is that the older we get the MORE we can challenge ourselves to learn. I can’t wait to learn 80@80!

So here’s some of the things I’d like to learn in my 5%&#th year:

1. Learn to surf

2. Learn to ride 550 km along the Great Ocean Road in the Great Victorian Bike Ride

3. Learn to make bread

4. Learn to be more open

5. Learn to love book-keeping

6. Re-learn how to use typography effectivey

7 Learn how to deliver on-line learning

8. Learn more vegetarian recipes

9. Learn to juggle four (even five) balls

10. Learn juggling tricks

11. Learn new improv games

12. Learn something I didn’t know I needed to learn

13. Learn to read the night sky

14. Learn to make laksa

And as this is a ‘work in progress’ I’ll add more in coming posts. Like Patti, I’d love to hear what you are planning to learn this year, what else you would add to my list, and what you could help me learn?





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