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April 19, 2011

I’ve been eating out a lot. Not because I don’t like to cook, or can’t. The simple reason is I’ve been travelling a lot and eating out goes with the territory. I find myself always sighing with relief when the menu is short. And what’s even better than a short menu? When someone else does the ordering.

I remember a meal in Vancouver. It was at the end of an Open Space on Open Space gathering and I was there with my friend Brian Bainbridge and others who had attended the conference. We just wanted to hang out and enjoy each other’s company before heading to different parts of the globe. The owner of the Indian restaurant we chose greeted us enthusiastically, got us comfortably seated, brought beers and wines and water and then said, “Why don’t you just leave the food to me?” Fantastic. We could focus on what we did best: eating, drinking and having conversations while he and his staff focused on what they did best, preparing food.

Tonight I was reading a blog post – you know the sort – x reasons why x does/doesn’t work. The list was so long there was definitely going to be something there for everyone. A bit like a horoscope. Feeling a bit down this week? Never mind, the planets are on the move and by the end of the week you will have received some cheering news, maybe even an offer that will be financially and or personally rewarding.

So rather than long lists I think I’d prefer a bit more depth, a bit of analysis, some context.

Note: This is as much a reminder to myself as well as a plea to others. Please feel free to remind me of this post if my posts start to resemble those anything-you-can-eat menus.

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