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October 3, 2007

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I’ve written recently about the extraordinary similarities between Aikido (a Japenese martial art) and facilitation; and Haiku poetry as a reflection process. And today I discover Pecha Kucha (which literally means 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide) – learn more and see a demo by Daniel Pink (author of A Whole New Mind) here.

Now I haven’t set out to find all things Japanese – it’s just one of those wonderful synchronisties that happen.

There is another theme to all of this – better use of presentation tools aka PowerPoint. Anyone who knows me knows that I avoid presentations (giving them and listening to them) – an increasingly difficult thing to do in this day of ppt presentation expectation. So, in an attempt to respond positively, I now go in search of great examples of presentations. Like here.

And when I have to prepare a presentation I use Apple’s Keynote – I just love it. It’s elegant; it’s varied; and it’s well designed – forcing me to use only words that matter and pictures that tell a story.

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