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January 19, 2010

So consider the role of training other facilitators, or indeed, training others in our own profession, whatever that might be. Is that not also about patterns, if not breaking them, at least exploring new ones? How do I (the one delivering the training) make sure I’m not just reinforcing my patterns?

BTW, I believe breaking patterns is good because it encourages us to look at alternatives and to grow. Humans have always reached for the unatainable, explored the unknown and invented new ways. We can’t all be explorers and adventurers – or can we? Maybe we can be explorers and adventurers in our own area of expertise.

Sometimes the hardest part about exploring is leaving the port. Letting go of the way we’ve always done something to make space for a different way. Imagine the monkey bar – hard to get any movement unless you let go of the bars. I’m pondering what I need to let go of, and I think it’s my need to be seen as competent. What is it you need to let go of?

I explore by reading blogs, and books, and doing improvised theatre and trying to be (mostly) open to new experiences. Scary sometimes, but worth it. I also find adventure in working with others. You?

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