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March 9, 2008

At an International Women’s Day event I heard an Aboriginal woman talk of her family’s struggle to remain together; of the ignorance of others in declaring, when, as a teenager she took her siblings to the local swimming pool and was told she wasn’t allowed to swim there ‘because they would turn the water black’; of her joy in being reunited with her brother; and of her pride in herself, her family and her culture – simply for surviving.

I grew into feminism in the 1970s – nurtured by my mother’s indomitable spirit. I argued for women’s rights, fought for equality and today enjoy many of the results. Yet I see many, many women throughout the world who continue to struggle for basic human rights.

This TED video says it much better than I can, through the power of story. And epitomises the open space ethos in the world of passion and responsibility.

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