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May 6, 2009

Today, Fr Brian Bainbridge and I will be hosting some training in Open Space Technology. Last night, Harrison Owen posted this reply to a ‘newbie’ – someone just starting their Open Space journey. It’s so true!

I have a big secret. We are all amateurs, and all gifted with a 13.7 billion year old process that basically runs itself almost no matter what we do. Of course there are a few tricks of the trade, particularly when it comes to the ongoing use of OST and integrating it into the everyday life of organizations. I don’t think this is rocket science, but it will take some attention. Here is another big secret: All organizations are already in Open Space but they just don’t know it. Or in some cases, they do know it but it scares them to death. The point is, you are not bringing anything new — just helping them to remember what they already are, and be it better. 

All of that said — things do get better with practice, and in the case of Open Space that usually means discovering more and more things NOT to do.

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