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October 10, 2008

I suppose it probably was not a good year to start a new business. At least it’s on the back of an existing business, so it’s not all bad news. The cancellation of work, slow times with little work rolling in, a bit of extravagant spending last year, commitments to travel to China and the US while the Aussie dollar is in freefall (um, next week). While I thought for a while that my 13-year bubble had burst (well, I suppose it has in one way) it’s not just me (phew!) 

So with an open diary, what to do? I have two lists – what I probably should do (based on ‘conventional’ wisdom), and what I probably will do (based on being true to me).

1. Stay focused     OR      explore

2. Contact clients about potential work     OR     revel in the freedom

3.  Finally deal with all those piles of stuff in my office    OR      look for more stuff

4. Do some original research     OR      consolidate all my learning

5. Learn how to use some more web tools     OR     organise my photos

6. Finish all those half-read books      OR      finish all those half-read books

7. Work on the business     OR       go to the beach

And after I wrote this list the bleeding obvious was, well, bleeding obvious! It’s not about either or. I can do both. I need to cross out OR and replace it with AND. It’s all about earning AND learning.


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