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July 29, 2007

My friend Lisa Heft is hosting next year’s international Open Space on Open Space gathering in San Francisco. Here’s what she wrote:

(drum roll, please….)

Dear colleagues and friends

On behalf of the Host Team for the 2008 World Open Space on Open Space…

…the next annual international face-to-face gathering of Open Space facilitators, learners and enthusiasts – to meet old and new friends and colleagues explore, discover, share and learn from one another
*in* Open Space, *about* Open Space…

…I am happy to announce to you the dates for our 2008 “WOSonOS”:

(still drumming?)…

July 23 through July 26, 2008 ! ! !

Wednesday July 23 Evening Reception
Thursday July 24 WOSonOS and evening celebration
Friday July 25 WOSonOS and yes, more evening celebration
Saturday July 26 WOSonOS for ½ more day and who knows, could be some celebration

And, for those of you who are newer to Open Space and / or would like to begin or enrich your learning about Open Space before we dive deeper at the WOSonOS (because WOSonOS is not a training and it is useful to know about and experience the process before this event), I will be offering the

Open Space Learning Workshop
on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 22 and 23, 2008

But wait, there is more….

During the World Open Space on Open Space 2008 in San Francisco, you, my dear readers, will be able to touch and see and celebrate the debut of…

“Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide” – Third Edition
Hot off the presses…
….And our dear friend Harrison Owen, who happens to know (and be) the author, will be with us.

So: mark your calendars. But mark them in pencil for the days before and after the WOSonOS – because in coming months we will give you more information, including some ideas for lovely explorations and excursions you may wish to investigate, and perhaps even some events happening in San Francisco before or after our WOSonOS that you may wish to attend. By the way, San Francisco Bay Area is a great place for hiking the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, strolling (and eating) through diverse neighborhoods, taking a car up to enjoy the Napa Valley Wine Country, going on a sailboat or ferry ride, day trips with the local OSniks, and yes…there is even…whale watching….

More information such as registration and other details will come to you in the coming months…


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